You are our best investment!

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A L F A S S A @ C O I N S

The first currency that capitalizes your intellectual heritage!

Open your current account (Wallet) within our decentralized development system

Communicate the number of your current account of the virtual coins to the ALFASSA operators

Receive your ALFASSA coins, the ones you have the right to receive depending on the value generated in the circuit


How do you get the ALFASSA coin?

Capitalize on the time you spend on your VITA project!

The ALFASSA coin cannot be purchased either in FIAT or in virtual currency, for example BITCOIN.

The ALFASSA currency can be obtained only through the formation or active and proactive participation, the development of our programs that target the future.

Every time an economic operator makes a payment to another economic operator participating in the same circuit, the right to an equal value in ALFASSA coins is acquired.

How can I use ALFASSA coins?

Become a shareholder in the model that will give your children a new future!

At the end of the ALFASSA System development project, the currency can be converted into shares, the new company that will have the task of managing knowledge and the network of relationships, through technological services with high added value.

Waiting for this great event, the ALFASSA coin can be used to exchange products and services with other members of the circuit and / or to obtain professional services and much more.

It is absolutely forbidden to sell the ALFASSA currency in exchange for FIAT currency or in exchange for other virtual currencies other than the circuit

ALFASSA Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital that increases in value through participation and sharing

The value of ALFASSA is given by its intellectual capital, constituted by the relationships with customers and suppliers, by the socio-economic model and its development system, by the capacity of the people who are an integral part of it. An intellectual capital that, once conferred, increases in value even without your knowledge.





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The new economy will be characterized by many crypto-currencies, each with its own identity at the service of the real economy and the BLOCKCHAIN technology will change the way we conceive and implement services, the present has already passed and we are the future!

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