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Economic Committees

Money as an instrument of cohesion and not as a means of coercion!

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ALFA Token
The virtual currency of ALFASSA

ALFA Token

The virtual currency ALFASSA is closely linked to the economic value of its Intellectual Capital, that is, the value of the intangible assets made up of relational, human and organizational capital. ALFASSA virtual currency can neither be sold nor purchased with FIAT currency, it must be conquered through sustainable operations. Possession of the ALFA Token virtual currency determines the rights of exploitation of the ALFASSA Intellectual Capital, as required by the SMART CONTRACT.

With the ALFASSA virtual currency it is possible to purchase the services of the ALFASSA Development System. 

The estimated value, as of 04/30/2021, determined according to the cost approach, is equal to a total of € 3,174,210.61 as a result of the components:

  • Intellectual Property, equal to € 884,857

  • Human capital, equal to € 705,861.61

  • Organizational and structural capital, equal to € 988.392,00

  • Relational capital, equal to € 595.100,00.


Virtual coin issue ALFASSA: 3.174.210,61

The ALFASSA virtual coins will be given to the Enabling Operators who will have shared their intangible assets through the structured and planned application of the ALFASSA Development System.

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Ancora 2
Fantastiche Dolomiti

Scheo Token

Moneta complementare  

Valore nominale: 1 Scheo = 1 Euro

Quantità: 100.000.000 Scheo Token

Tipologia: Voucher Token

La moneta Scheo funziona secondo la logica di un circuito a cui imprenditori, aziende, esercizi commerciali e terzo settore che aderiscono per favorire l’economia locale e diretta, a

tutti i soci del circuito vengono attributi al momento dell’inizio del processo ed una volta entrati nel circuito possono acquistare prodotti e servizi utilizzando gli Scheo come mezzo di scambio ma anche restituendo il debito contratto attraverso i propri beni e servizi.  

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Free, a first check of the economic and financial sustainability of the project

No Trading

Our projects are exclusively related to the real economy

At the base of any project aimed at a group of users is the need to exchange goods and services, this process can now take place through the use of virtual currencies, the only solution to get out of the coercive system of the neoliberal oligarchy.


Our coins are not exchangeable with the FIAT currency

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Servizio auto nera

Service coins

Right to use some features on a platform, or to benefits or premium services


Certificates of authenticity

A non-fungible token represents the deed of ownership and the certificate of authenticity written on the Blockchain of a single asset

Pagare al negozio

Payment coins

The so-called Currencies, or Crypto born as forms of payment

Analisi di mercato

Coins of law

Right to participate in the profit of the platform that issued them. It must have a real and exchangeable asset behind it

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