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Starting from the origins safeguarding culture, art and traditions!

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CULTURAL HERITAGE stands out thanks to the fundamental collaboration of highly qualified professionals, companies and industries, universities and researchers, investors and lenders, stakeholder that combine passion and hard work, to respond to the growing sensitivity of issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability. A set of reliable interlocutors with a high standing that share the same physical and virtual environment (Cluster), so as to form a recognizable group, united by organizational, economic and common interests.

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The world is experiencing this new millennium in a climate of growing demographic growth, with different cultures and beliefs that make daily, the encounter with the other, with the "different", a structural phenomenon of our modern society.

However, the relationship between different cultures, which in itself represents an opportunity for enrichment, is too often accompanied by discriminatory media campaigns, with which it is possible to justify wars and revolutions, for the sole purpose of having control of their raw resources.

Leaving our destiny to events means continuing to have a demographic increase and continuing to increase the destructive power of the more developed nations that compete to grab the raw resources, in this sense, the scenarios are apocalyptic.

We need a general mobilization and a systemic vision to implement a completely new eco-sustainable socio-economic model, which is based on change, intercultural integration.

We have the duty to detect all the encouraging signs related to elaborate and integrated ideas and projects concerning the "culture" coming above all from civil society that decides, in some cases, to become the protagonist actress of the change and provide them with a model to make system.

We must, with great strength and competence, accompany and support this extraordinary moment of change in the economic and social paradigm, focusing on the strategic importance of culture as the "engine" of growth and progress not only economic and technological, but also social .

We need to reconnect social distance also through the creation of an alternative space that allows educating both young people and adults to the knowledge and respect for the diversity that has become part of our daily life, to create a spirit of acceptance, mutual acceptance, constructive exchange and enrichment of values, an intercultural project that extends without having predefined limits and boundaries.

Art as school play a fundamental role as the first social mediator aimed at avoiding separation on ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural bases, for the prevention of prejudice, intolerance, discrimination and for the development of a sense of belonging .

But not only that, even the Internet is increasingly becoming the communicative and cognitive ecosystem that allows "new" social actors to try to undermine the old mechanisms for defining the priorities of political and media agendas.

And it is precisely through the control of communication that it is possible to spread a distorted knowledge and to govern the border between normal and pathological, allowed and forbidden becomes increasingly difficult. Information and communication, like capital and goods, no longer have borders. What was distant is approaching and the past is becoming more and more present. Development is no longer a series of stages through which a society emerges from the crisis and innovation is no longer subsequent to tradition, everything mixes and space and time are compressed. The control of the communication of state churches, families or schools weaken and ICT becomes more and more a sovereign instrument.



  • New Economy: Do you want to acquire a new and complete identity, collaborate with reliable partners with a high standing and increase the intellectual capacity of your highly specialized resources?

  • Info Provider: Do you want to manage change through strategic business or territorial planning based on the new paradigm of the circular economy and digital technology?

  • Services Provider: Do you want to enhance every single link in the production and distribution chain, applying product, process and organizational innovations?

  • Knowledge HUB: Do you want to hire highly qualified and specialized professionals to increase the skills and specialization of your company?

  • Financial HUB: Do you want to combine your own development projects with innovative financing or investment solutions?

  • Business HUB: Do you want to redefine your procurement strategies by purchasing integrated solutions with high technical and technological content?



  • New Economy: Do you want to collaborate with complementary partners and / or supply your products and services within a reliable and protected environment?

  • Info Provider: Do you want to integrate your production and knowledge specialties into programs that target the future, specialized by sector, channel and territory?

  • Services Provider: Do you want to accompany companies to increase their innovative capacity and international development?

  • Knowledge HUB: You want to turn your knowledge into skills through a lifelong learning path;

  • Financial HUB: Do you want to invest in projects with a high technical and technological content that guarantee high profitability?

  • Business HUB: Do you want to increase sales through well-structured and defined promotional actions (co-Marketing)?

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