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Money is an instrument of cohesion, not a means of coercion!

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The service coins

Right to use certain features on a platform, or to premium benefits or services

Payment coins

The so-called Currencies, or the Crypto born as forms of payment

Coins of law

Right to participate in the profit of the platform that issued them. It must have a real and exchangeable asset behind it

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Specialized virtual coins per project

The new economy will feature many cryptocurrencies, each with its own identity serving the real economy and BLOCKCHAIN technology will change the way we conceive and implement services, the present is already past and we are the future!!


Specialized virtual coins for the development of the territory

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The virtual currency ALFASSA is closely linked to the economic value of its Intellectual Capital, that is, the value of intangible assets consisting of relational, human and organizational capital which increase over time through the active and proactive participation of the first sustainability community.

ALFASSA coins have a limited number, 120 million of them have been created, which coincides with the investment necessary for the implementation of the ALFASSA platform. The ALFASSA coin cannot be sold or bought with FIAT currency. The ALFASSA currency transforms the cost incurred by economic operators for the services offered by the ALFASSA Development System, into an investment, in that it confers an equal amount.

Intellectual Capital: € 1.880.662

Quantity: 120 milioni

ALFASSA Token: € 0,0156

Type: Utility Token 

Fantastiche Dolomiti
Moneta Scheo.png

Scheo Token

Complementary currency  

Nominal value: 1 Scheo = 1 Euro

Quantity: 100.000.000 Scheo Token

Type: Voucher Token

The term Scheo means currency in local dialect and could only represent, in the best possible way, the will of the new Fantastic Dolomites Foundation, to start new virtuous development processes starting from the origins and culture of their land. The opportunity to use virtual currencies as a cohesion tool to encourage the processes of development of the real economy is arousing growing interest and in this sense, the newly established FANTASTICHE DOLOMITI Foundation, which has long been involved in the study and design of services for the development of its territory has decided to have its own virtual currency to be made usable within its members, services that tend to favor the sharing economy..

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