Reverse the economic paradigm no longer based on the possession of intangible assets but on the need to cooperate to create a new inclusive and sustainable generation, capable of creating development and guaranteeing full and productive employment and decent work for all

SOLIDARITY: To put an end to all forms of poverty in the world with resilient infrastructures capable of providing adequate housing, water at will, medical care, access to cultural and aggregative activities, complete food and energy autonomy.

COOPERATION: To create a model capable of rebalancing the laws of biology in the relationship between competition and cooperation, strengthening the instruments of partnership, with models based on the circular economy and the sharing economy.

DEVELOPMENT: To guarantee sustainable production and consumption models based on the use of electronic money, on the ability to invest time and money in the real economy and not the virtual or speculative one, and therefore to redistribute income on sustainable development projects.

EMPLOYMENT: Promote employment and poverty reduction by bringing young and old people together to cooperate for more sustainable development, forming a new culture of change through innovative strategies for sharing.


Promote social cohesion to eliminate existing inequalities within society and guarantee conditions of human well-being such as health, education, democracy, and justice equally distributed by class and gender.

EQUITY: To focus on the quality of life in the society of well-being, closely linked to the problems of welfare and social equity, including each individual within the company regardless of the presence of limiting elements, ensuring a state of fairness and equal opportunities.

HEALTH: Safeguarding human health and animal welfare by promoting the production of eco-sustainable products in relation to the raw materials used, Improving sanitary and hygienic conditions.

EDUCATION: Ensure everyone access to education that is true and not vitiated by political or religious interests, thus creating effective, responsible and inclusive institutions.

JUSTICE: Protect oneself from a justice that less and less protects human rights and increasingly the interests of the strong powers, protecting people victims of judicial injustices by promoting popular participation, and the civil and social commitment of democratic citizens.


Ensure climate action in order to safeguard the environment and its essential elements of life such as water, energy, land and air.

WATER: Protect and guarantee the availability of water for all as an essential element of our survival and for the proper functioning of the ecosystem, therefore conserving and using the oceans, seas and marine resources in a sustainable way

AIR: Combat climate change and air pollution and the reduction of CO2 emissions which is an important risk factor for health.

EARTH: Protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of the Earth's ecosystem, sustainably managing forests, combating desertification, halting and reversing land degradation and halting the loss of biological diversity.

ENERGY: Ensure everyone access to economic, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems, with the use of passive techniques and technologies to reduce sectoral energy costs, for a sustainable management of natural resources.

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