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Art is revolution and technology will be its best weapon!

The advent of new technologies will replace the human "touch" and will be responsible for the determination of a new culture. This statement is a fact, so much so that it seems the end of something unique that could generate a certain frustration, because we want to reject the new to safeguard the old. The question is very simple, the Art and Culture of manual generation can never live in harmony with the art and culture of the new digital generations? What will be the repercussions on creativity as the primordial instinct of the individual?

Every human activity that leads to forms of creativity and aesthetic expression is based on a set of technical devices, innate or acquired skills and behavioral standards deriving from study and experience, but also from the culture represented by the set of knowledge, opinions, beliefs, customs and behaviors that characterize a group of belonging. Therefore art together with culture represent not only a language capable of transmitting emotions but also a code that interprets the history and origins of its territory, and together the aesthetic expression of interiority, of the human soul and of belonging from a specific generation codified over time.

Art is therefore a profession characterized by its traditions and the tools available at that time. The transition from manual art to digital art, will limit creativity? We believe no.

​Digital technology is an amplifier of passion, experimentation and continuous refinement, capable of giving life to unique objects, characterized by an extremely original style. But not only that, digital technology will have a very important task, that of giving back life to the past, creating virtual environments that link all the human artistic and cultural heritage from a single common thread, man and his identity.

Kinetic sculptures that create floating oleographs, magnetic fields that generate forms of ferrofluid dynamics, immersive audiovisual experiences in which to experiment virtual projections unknown, all these technologies are not only functional to the future but above all to the past. The technology will allow you to make a small but truly amazing journey that starts from manual art to digital art, describing for each period, history and culture, therefore, the available tools that, in fact, have always shaped creativity.

The effect will be surprising, creativity belongs to a precise moment of time, which is unique and unrepeatable and to be able to tell the moments spent traveling through virtual realities in time, it is something marvelous that can only enrich our spirit.

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