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Environmental Health

To save our planet for to save ourselves, even in the soul!

The environment in which we live, increasingly submerged by an ocean of infernal carcinogenic trash, needs a global reclamation that must decontaminate, clean up and restore. The world is dying and then imploding on itself, and no imaginary growth and hypothetical development can ever revive it from the "pharmacological coma" to which it has been subjected.

We have altered the climate in irreversible form, fires and deforestation with emission in the air of CO2 and toxic gases, and lakes, rivers and seas reduced to open sewers. Politics, finance, entrepreneurship, organized crime and large groups of power are in danger of dragging humanity to its extinction.

The point is that environmental devastation not only has disastrous consequences for the existence of people but also for the economic system. The main problem of climate change is the costs that society must incur for health, the increasingly violent hurricanes, the increase in water temperature in the Caribbean, the rise in sea level and an increase in carbon dioxide levels in the air.

These are issues that, in the dramatic moment of eco-systemic crisis, must necessarily find a winning synthesis strategy to preserve the health of the air, water and the earth, and then use the "Environmental capital" to increase the rate of return on economic capital.

We need a radical and revolutionary change, we must reverse the macro-economic paradigm which means mobilizing to save the planet from the ecological catastrophe, creating new opportunities for further accumulation of profit, thus combining environmental sustainability with economic and social sustainability.

We must make ourselves self and sufficient, free to redefine the rules of the game to stop the worsening of pollution and reconverting the industry into organic farming, we need to rethink the current model of development based on waste and consumption with a different model capable of guaranteeing standards of well-being and above all on new business and profit opportunities.

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