Generate value through a quantum relationship approach


Horizontal model of governance (non-hierarchical) of reticular type

The ALFASSA constellation is made up of a set of reliable interlocutors who with great commitment, transparency and intellectual honesty, bind themselves to create a dynamic balance for a more sustainable development, the entire production ecosystem operates through a Horizontal model of governance (non-hierarchical) of reticular type (4C) which accelerates and makes the management of change systematic


Become part of a new world, where each of us is functional to the other to build a new global, peaceful and cooperating society



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ALFASSA is a completely decentralized and interoperable Development System supported by a set of Enabling Operators who share the same principles and ideals, to access its services it is necessary to pass through one of its Enabling Operators and follow a very selective and rigorous path that verifies certain requirements reliability and complementarity.



Seize concrete business opportunities through the virtuous synergy of mutual relationships and knowledge



In this first phase we will try to identify concrete business opportunities (short-term objectives) and / or the sharing of certain development strategies (medium and long-term objectives) by promoting the production of ideas and shared solutions through brainstorming procedures and cooperative learning. If, from this structured comparison, concrete business opportunities arise, a confidentiality agreement and non-circumvention agreement must be ratified.

The agreement defines a
MATCHING procedure that allows members to be informed in advance about the opportunities by exchanging non-sensitive data, and to activate the confidentiality and non-circumvention clauses only after a preliminary non-binding expression of interest.





Access an ecosystem of integrated high value-added services that acts as a virtual production incubator

Access an ecosystem of integrated high value-added services that acts as a virtual production incubator

Apply product, process and organizational innovations through strategic business or territorial planning (SMART Channels)

Operate without limits and predefined boundaries by integrating your production and knowledge specialties within development programs that target the future.

Become SMART!


Change management is a process that everyone will have to deal with sooner or later, and in this sense, ALFASSA represents both a proactive and evaluative solution. The competitiveness of a company is no longer given by the efficiency of its production and distribution processes but by the ability to increase the specialization of each single link in the value chain through the use of "open" systems that continuously dialogue with the outside world.

This new paradigm is identified with the name ESD Enterprise System Development, a new organizational and management model capable of generating value through the networks of relationships and knowledge.


Enterprise System Development

The new professional figures


We will assign highly qualified and specialized professionals to economic operators who want to access our services. Human capital is not only quantifiable from the experiences of the individual but from his ability to operate within open systems. The human resource no longer as a simple cell that will become an integral part of your production and / or distribution processes but as a door to access relationships and knowledge networks.


Participate actively and proactively with other complementary partners in the development of certain programs that target the future


The cooperatives of the future!


The sharing relationship is characterized by the active and proactive participation of a set of reliable interlocutors in the development of programs that target the future.

In the sharing relationship, the economic operators, individually and collectively considered, pursue the aim of increasing, individually and collectively, their innovative capacity and their competitiveness on the market. To this end, on the basis of a common program, they undertake to collaborate in predetermined forms and areas relating to the exercise of their business, or to exchange information or services of an industrial, commercial, technical or technological nature, or even to exercise in joint one or more activities within the scope of their business.


Operate towards the internal productive ecosystem with its own legal subjectivity and therefore, without any level of intermediation


The Enabling Operators


Rete Professionale

Italy (PG) - Assisi

Lawyers & Auditors

Italy (HU) - Ungheria

ALFASSA in Croazia

Croazia (HR) - Zagabria

Fondazione Homo Novus

Italy (PG) - Castello di Lizori 

Fondazione Alta Irpinia 

Italia (BN) - Alta Irpinia

BioEnergy & Technology

Italy (TO) - Torino

ALFASSA in Ghana

Ghana (GH) - Accra


Senegal (SN) - Dakar

Lawyers & Auditors

Italy (AV) - Grottaminarda 

Fondazione HeRa

Italy (CB) - Termoli

Fondazione Fantastiche Dolomiti

Italy (BL) - Dolomiti UNESCO

Fondazione Valle del Vigi

Italy (PG) - Valnerina 

Associazione Smart Cities Italy

Italy (MI) - Milano

ALFASSA in Senegal 

Senegal (SN) - Dakar

ALFASSA in Croazia

Croazia (HR) - Zagabria

Istituto per il commercio

Marocco (MA) - Marrakech

Management Technologies

Italy (BO) - Bologna

Fondazione Fantastica Verbania

Italy (PG) - Valnerina 

Global Software Factory

Italy (UK) - London


Croazia (ZG) - Zagabria 

Associazione EGO CreaNET

Italy (FI) - Firenze

ALFASSA in SudAfrica

SudAfrica (RSA) - Pretoria

Certificazione del valore

Italy (IT) - Milano


A set of reliable interlocutors who share the same principles, ideals and values, people with a high standing who consider social responsibility as the highest and most civil expression of the competitive and cooperative relationship


Ethics Committee


Human capital

Organizational capital

Relational capital

Intellectual capital € 2.399.546,78

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