Generate value through a quantum relationship approach


Horizontal model of governance (non-hierarchical) of reticular type

The ALFASSA constellation is made up of a set of reliable interlocutors who with great commitment, transparency and intellectual honesty, bind themselves to create a dynamic balance for a more sustainable development, the entire production ecosystem operates through a Horizontal model of governance (non-hierarchical) of reticular type (4C) which accelerates and makes the management of change systematic


Become part of a new world, where each of us is functional to the other to build a new global, peaceful and cooperating society



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ALFASSA is a completely decentralized and interoperable Development System supported by a set of Enabling Operators who share the same principles and ideals, to access its services it is necessary to pass through one of its Enabling Operators and follow a very selective and rigorous path that verifies certain requirements reliability and complementarity.



Seize concrete business opportunities through the virtuous synergy of mutual relationships and knowledge



In this first phase we will try to identify concrete business opportunities (short-term objectives) and / or the sharing of certain development strategies (medium and long-term objectives) by promoting the production of ideas and shared solutions through brainstorming procedures and cooperative learning. If, from this structured comparison, concrete business opportunities arise, a confidentiality agreement and non-circumvention agreement must be ratified.

The agreement defines a
MATCHING procedure that allows members to be informed in advance about the opportunities by exchanging non-sensitive data, and to activate the confidentiality and non-circumvention clauses only after a preliminary non-binding expression of interest.