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From value chains to integrated service ecosystems

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E.S.D. Enterprise System Development

Services Provider

The competitiveness of a company is no longer given by the ability to make its production and distribution processes more efficient, a paradigm represented by the ERP model ("Enterprise Resource Planning"), but by the ability to increase the specialization of every single link in the value chain through 'access to “open” systems that continuously communicate with the outside world. A new organizational and management model capable of generating value through ESD (“Enterprise System Development”) networks of relationships and knowledge.

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Andando sui dati



Professionisti altamente qualificati e specializzati , capaci di esaminare il ruolo cruciale della conoscenza sia integrata (Services Provider) che codificata (Info Provider) quale risorsa fondamentale dei processi produttivi e distributivi


Un modello olistico basato sull'idea che le capacità di un sistema produttivo non possano essere spiegate esclusivamente tramite le sue componenti ma secondo un principio in cui la sommatoria funzionale delle parti è sempre maggiore della somma delle prestazioni delle parti prese singolarmente (1+1+1=5)

The doors to access networks of relationships and acquaintances


The new professional figures

Network Manager

Human capital is not only quantifiable from the experiences of the individual but from his ability to share information and experiences with production systems outside the company. The human resource is no longer a simple cell that will become an integral part of your production and / or distribution processes but as a door to access the networks of innovation and knowledge to rebuild.



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Fondazione Homo Novus

Italy (PG) - Castello di Lizori 

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Fantastiche Dolomiti

White Paper

Italy (BL) - Dolomiti UNESCO



Services Provider

Stock Market Graph

Management of commercial and contractual relationships with customers already acquired or potential new customers also in the relationship with the public administration, with particular reference to foreign markets which are more problematic


Il pensiero creativo


Promote productive and cognitive specialties, individually or collectively considered, through well-structured and defined promotional actions

incontro d'affari


Support in the management and general planning of financial activities and development of innovative investment and / or financing projects, also to resolve capital shortages



Integrated projects with high technical and technological content designed as a long-term development program capable of reversing the macroeconomic paradigm

Hot Rod Ferro Battuto


Digitize, certify, trace, automate and innovate industrial production processes and production and personalization techniques for final products

Laptop e telefono


Support companies in procurement strategies and in the use of innovative tools that favor explicit forms of sharing and commercial exchanges without the use of money

Human capital

Organizational capital

Relational capital

Intellectual capital N.2019002957: € 1.880.662

Scientific committees
Programmatic committees
Economic committees
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