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Implement a new universal agenda for humanity, through programs of eco-sustainable development capable of reversing the macroeconomic paradigm, which are implemented on a voluntary basis by states and private organizations.

Unfortunately, we have all now understood with direct or indirect experiences, that to achieve these objectives through a unipolar system and without barriers, whith military forces and financial systems, risks to bring humanity to the his destruction.

To manage this great process of change, it is necessary to bring everyone back on the starting line, it is necessary to give value not to the virtual economy but to the real economy, to let each individual people, with its complete identity and its sense of belonging, go in competition with other peoples characterized by different cultures.

It is precisely culture, the key to implement this great transformation process, and ALFASSA, is the tool that wants to spread and imprint without limits and predefined borders, through its ambassadors, a new culture of change for eco-sustainable development

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