The current model of development is not sustainable!


Unfortunately we cannot deny the evidence, the current model of development is no longer sustainable, productivity is slowing all over the world, unemployment shows no signs of diminishing, and capitalism now master of the world, separated from all ethics and become pure animal will of power and enrichment, has become a threat to basic human goods and rights, such as the environment, health, dignity, integrity and life.

But due to the difficulty and cyclical decline due mainly to the severe economic crisis and to the manipulation of financial speculation, epochal changes overlap with new digital technologies that will bring about an epochal change, both in trade and in the labor market, forcing companies to innovate, mutating customs, habits and culture.

To our generation the immense task of creating a new socio-economic model of production, consumption and completely sustainable coexistence capable of forming a new ethical and moral conscience based on the idea that the values ​​for which we must fight in the our survival are not the money end in itself but are the future of climate, biodiversity, ether and the human genome.


System Development

«..When the wind of change blows, some build walls,

other windmills!!..»

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Create a new global, peaceful and cooperative society

To understand the grave danger that our generation and the future ones are running, we must analyze this great sense of chronic dissatisfaction that limits the ability of man to simply listen to the flow of life without opposing it, or better, we must become aware of man's inability to live in harmony with nature and to build a non-coercive but free social system.

We therefore need a new ethos that transcend religion, we need the inner values ​​of our spirituality to be linked to the wonders of the environment in which we live. Only in this way can man increase his knowledge and his strength, understanding its full value.

We must ensure that individuals and organizations work in unison as one living organism, and therefore cooperate for their own well-being. We must protect our common home, our environment, because we know that without this change, humanity has no hope of surviving.

But unfortunately it is not enough that each of us is better to solve such a complex situation, individuals can lose the ability and freedom to overcome the logic of instrumental reason and end up succumbing to a consumerism without ethics and social and environmental sense.

We must therefore create a model capable of reversing the macro-economic paradigm, capable of changing the rules of the game where man's fighting instinct is used exclusively to eliminate the cause of their suffering and misery, to overcome their weaknesses and ignorance, and to triumph over their limits.

But is it possible, given the starting conditions, to find a winning synthesis strategy?

We believe it

 If we look at human beings and society, especially social relationships and the foundations of social life, we notice that systemic frustration is growing that could become very dangerous, because, in the most disadvantaged areas, a process of involution has been created for the lack of access to knowledge free from manipulation.

To turn frustration into a creative process, we must understand that it is necessary to foresee social costs, without an ethical and moral consciousness, knowledge can also be destructive. There is no substitute for knowledge, but knowledge must be used conscientiously, and this is what transpires from the web and from the best intelligences and sensitivities that work with it.

Never in history has such an intense change occurred in such a short time and this is essentially due to the Internet, or better, to the diffusion of the knowledge that underlies this great transformation process.

The question must now be put in these terms, the role of technology and the new frontier of Artificial Intelligence, of its ability to control things and simplicity with which it is possible to influence human consciences, what ethical-social implications will determine?

Undoubtedly the technologies, more and more evolved and more and more similar to the complex functions of the human brain, will accelerate the evolutionary process at an impressive speed, determining a cultural and generational revolution.

It is not easy to understand the impact of this great transformation, apparently it is full of challenges and solutions to the great problems of the world, but in truth, artificial intelligence will never intervene in the perennial struggle between good and evil, this not it will never end because it is part of our nature.

In other words, digital technologies act as an accelerator of the processes of development and dissemination of knowledge, but they can never determine our destiny, so it is necessary to rebalance the biological relationship between competition and cooperation, affirming what we are and what to which we aspire, starting from the roots of our spirit and our dreams dictated by our ideals, identity is the first brick to implement a great process of cultural change.

But not only that, we have to create a socio-economic model that uses the Internet as it is now global, and that allows you to act in real time with widespread dissemination of information, using this "energy" to implode creativity, the desire to freedom, the thirst for knowledge.

This is how ALFASSA is born, a "Think Tank" Network, whose main vocation is to solve the complex eco-systemic crisis through a Development System capable of supporting environmental, economic and social policies to build a new global, peaceful and cooperative society.



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