Physical and virtual reality will soon collapse creating a single digital nervous system!

TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION is based on the fundamental collaboration of highly qualified professionals, high technology enterprise, universities, research centers, investors or lenders who share the same physical and virtual environment to form a recognizable group, bound by constraints organizational, economic and common interests, capable of responding to the increasing sensitivity of economic, social and environmental sustainability issues.


The development and dissemination of new technologies have already determined, and even more, the radical changes in organization of work, industries, including the public sphere, institutions, and politics.

Digital technologies will revolutionize current socio-economic development models, erasing current stereotypes and prejudices forever, as they will represent the very essence of thought and knowledge. Physical and virtual reality will soon collapse, creating a single digital nervous system, and who will have control of this tool, will govern the world and will be the undisputed master of the fate of future generations.

If you have just felt a shiver along your back, as a disturbing feeling of impotence and concern, you have substantially understood the importance of digital technologies as indisputable human heritage of inestimable value and you probably also understood the need to combine a set of reliable interlocutors through a single technological platform to make individuals and organizations work unitedly as a single living organism, and then cooperate for their own well-being.



Digital technologies are the solution to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of organizations and are the key element in managing the information both inside and outside, in an increasingly integrated and interoperable way.
The information will take on an increasingly important role, and in this dimension, the infrastructures that provide great storage, speed, and computing power, reliability and security are critical. Development processes need to move from a "vertical" logic to a complex service logic as a combination of elementary services. A service must therefore define a publicly available interface that can be searched and invoked independently of the language and the platform.

Enabling technology that enables organizations to access infrastructures, systems, platforms, data, services, and even business processes as standard and interoperable components is Cloud Computing.

This technology allows you to handle huge amounts of data, a phenomenon known as the Big Data, because they allow, typically in the form of a service provided by a customer service provider, to store / store and / or process data and make it instantly available to a number unlimited users.
The information is multiple, heterogeneous, differentiated and de-structured, and need tools that can handle its complexity, variety, and execution speed.

Such information is not only the product of people, but also that of objects, as tools or mechanical apparatus to be intelligently automated. This technology, better known as the Internet of Things (IoT), will give "electronic identity" to everything that surrounds the world around us.

Innovation Solutions



The gradual dismantling of obsolete operating systems, with high performance infrastructure based solutions derived from super computers:

  • ASSESSMENT: Census of application park and business needs;

  • PLANNING: Migration plans based on a "Maturity Model"; 

  • DEVELOPMENT: Population of Cloud Infrastructure and Virtualization ;

  • MANAGEMENT: Application management services;

  • INNOVATION: Product and process innovation of applications;

  • VALUE: Validation of each single anchor of the production and distribution chain



Customized solutions to meet any customer needs:

* PUBLIC Cloud

* HYBRID Cloud



Integrated with highly performing technologies:

* Big Data solutions

* DB hight Performance

* Storage & Archiving

* Business Resilience Strategy

* Hosting

Mitigation risks and costs saving by certifying your environment and renegotiating your contracts.


Did you know that the Oracle Oracle License Management Services (OMS), the Oracle Internal Oracle Certified Customer Testing Team (ORACLE Audit), has revenue of $ 2.8 billion just in penalties?

Did you know that Audit may occur if any unlicensed software support requests, mergers, acquisitions, or customers who have not been buying for more than 3 years?

Did you know that only a few companies are Compliance (Oracle Compliance Policy) and are subject to severe sanctions?

Did you know that it is strongly recommended, before renewing contracts, to certify your environment in order to obtain significant favorable terms?

Did you know that certifying your own environment means breaking down not only financial risks, but above all, means freeing up many resources by significantly reducing costs?

With the Internet of Thing, every object can have its own artificial intelligence so as to be an integral part of production processes or be functional to business ones. The scope of application may be different:

  • Automate human operational functions

  • Remote control machines or robots

  • Preventing scenarios and security issues

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